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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Hospice honey is a community based business that proudly supports Hospice Southland. Beekeeping is my passion so I look after my bees in a careful way so we can nurture them to produce delicious honey. Hospice honey is specially crafted from the Clover Fields in Southland to ensure the customers get the end product consistently.

Making the community a happier place is a goal we should all strive for . My Ambition is to become a commercial beekeeper that produces a quality product time after time while at the same time making the community a happier place. I believe that every terminally ill person in need of palliative care should have the access they need. To fulfil my mission I have decided to combine two elements ; a passion for our honey bees and a love for hospice. We never know when we may need hospice in our lives so I've decided to start giving back now.

As a result I have decided to donate a certain percentage of my sales to hospice , which makes the community a stronger happier place. I'm a proud beekeeper knowing that the community is benefiting from both my bees and work.

Just as the bees help each other in colonies we need to help each other in our daily lives. Caring for others makes us better people and people around us happier. Just like a honey bee does when they nurture those surrounding them.

Hospice honey CEO - Marcel Vergeer

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