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Our vision

Hospice honey uses the best beekeeping practices in Southland to produce the highest quality Creamed Clover Range there is. When you choose Hospice Honey you know you are receiving a great product and making a difference . We take pride in Achieving a high standard of Social responsibility that can only be found with us. We want to  look after the elderly people as well as Families who may have lost a loved one.

Our Honey

We harvest our clover honey from the Unique clover fields of Southland, New Zealand. Our Clover honey is taken off from the site then transported to a food grade honey house where it is extracted . The honey frames are uncapped before they are placed into a Centrifugal honey extractor.

Before the honey frames are extracted and filtered our delicious honey is uncapped with a special machine resulting in spun out and extracted honey.

Hospice honey gets filtered several times before pumping the liquid honey into a specially designed stainless steel honey barrel. Making sure every jar is filled with a bundle of Goodness

Creaming process

Before creaming the honey we set aside a certain amount of starter honey to complete the Creaming process. 

To initiate creaming our bulk honey crop is poured into the mixing tank and carefully stirred for 10 days ensuring every last drop of Delicious Clover honey is blended to Perfection !

Our creamed honey is 100% Pure honey due to the natural honey Crystallisation and oxidation process.

 Refrigeration is set at 3 degrees to ensure a consistent product is delivered time after time

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